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Air Preparation Equipment
ASCO’s Modulair 100 Series offers all the control, flexibility and performance you need from your air preparation equipment. Components of the Modulair Series consist of filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLs). These components can be installed separately or can be assembled into a complete unit, as you require.

What are FRLs and why should they be used?

Pneumatic actuators and controls perform more reliably and efficiently, and have a longer life, when the air is prepared for your specific application. These easy-to-use FRLs are specifically engineered to give you increased airflow from a modular system.

ASCO offers a complete line of air handling equipment. Filters, regulators, and lubricators are essential whenever pneumatic equipment is used. Filters come in a variety of micron ratings to clean the air of moisture and particulate coming out of your compressor. Regulators are located at specific locations to isolate areas of a pipe train that require unique pressures. Lubricators are used on pneumatic air components to give them the required lubrication for extended life. These components can be ordered separately for individual locations, or assembled for a central location.

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