PROXIMITY® Mounting Kits

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PROXIMITY® Mounting Kits with drive yoke, or slotted lever arm, bracket, fasteners and other zinc plated or stainless steel hardware fit over 2000 popular valves and actuators. A high strength spring tempered stainless steel drive yoke/coupling is tailored to fit securely to a specific valve or actuator stem. There is no slippage or binding. No special alignment fixtures are required due to switch offset design and yoke to stem engagement that makes installation a “snap”. Each kit is specially designed for a particular valve or actuator, making field mounting simple with standard tools.

Mounting kits can be used interchangeably with all models since external mounting features are identical. Rotary valves utilize direct drive couplings and a slotted lever drive is used with linear valves. Lever drives convert linear motion to rotary. Stainless steel visual indicators are standard for direct drive, automated quarter-turn valve applications.

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