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VALVCON V Series Actuators 115VAC and 230VAC

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Actuators Built for Hard Work
In AC applications, Valvcon V Series actuators provide several levels of protection against overloads and overheating.

Thermal Overload Breaker – If the motor is running too hot, for any reason, it will automatically be disconnected until it cools down. After cooling, it will resume normal operation.

Fuse Protected Input Power – On AC Hot and AC Common connections. If power is mis-applied, the fuses will isolate damage to the Motor Board, allowing for quick and easy repair.

Auto-resetting Fuses for Limit Indicator Outputs – Protect the limit switches and internal circuitry from overloads caused outside the actuator. The working limit is .25 amps, enough for any pilot or indicator applications. They reset automatically, approximately 3 minutes after the overload condition is corrected.

Locked Rotor Protection – (modulating applications) If the actuator cannot achieve the position commanded by the control signal, it will automatically disconnect power to the motor until the control signal commands the actuator to drive in the opposite direction.

Finally, the actuator has been carefully designed to minimize electrical interference with other equipment. Emission levels comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules for Class A electronic equipment.

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