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PROMATION Quarter Turn Spring Return Actuators

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From 450 to 2300 in·lb (50~250Nm)

ProMation Engineering’s full line of industrial actuators are designed and constructed to reliably meet the demands of industrial installations and applications.

RuggedBoard Design
Proprietary PC Boards with industrial grade components soldered into place eliminate 90% of the internal wiring found in most actuation products.

Engineered for Installation Ease, Reduced Maintenance and Exceptional Reliability

RuggedBoard Design

Using Failure Mode Analysis (FMA), ProMation Engineering developed proprietary RuggedBoard electronics thatincreases reliability by 600% (Coif DW Printed wiring assembly and interconnection reliability. Final Technical Report RADC-TR-81-318, November 1981
Cottrell DF and Kirejczyk TE, Crimp connection reliability, Final Technical Report, RADC-TR-78-15 January 1978)
compared to common actuators by greatly reducing the amount of crimped connections. Reduction of excessive wiring also reduces the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as making installation and maintenance easier.

Industrial Grade Components

All steel self lubricating gearing, industrial switches, thermally protected heavy duty motor and stainless steel hardware provide long life and extremely low failure rates (less than 0.1%). Quality systems comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards and all products are fully tested and calibrated prior to shipment.

Field Compatibility

ISO 5211 mounting, easily accessible connection points and complete field installation documentation reduces installation and set up problems. The clutchless manual override does not require levers or switches and the epicyclic gearing requires no motor brake.

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