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FLO-TITE Modulating Control-Ball Valves – V Series

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Flanged Ends 150 & 300
3PC Threaded, SW & BW

Modulating V-Ball Provides Accurate Control Of The Down Stream Flow Rates, From Simple On-off To Modulating Control Applications.

The throttling part of the Ball Valve is a solid SS Ball, not a seat insert like others.

Flo-Tite's V-Ball Design Is Characterized To Meet All Custom Flow Requirements. A Unique Design that is Forgiving and Accommodating.

Ball Valves Offer Higher Flow Capacities Than Comparable Globe Type Control Valves.

Flo-Tite's V-Type control valves are designed to offer maximum Cv 's which are substantially larger than other throttling globe type control valves. In many cases, half size pipeline valves can be used resulting in space reduction, reduced maintenance and delivering great cost reductions.

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