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STOCKHAM Cast Iron Globe and Angle Valves

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STOCKHAM Cast Iron Globe and Angle Valves-Outside Screw and Yoke-Classes 125 and 250

Stems are machined with Acme threads which fully engage the yoke bushing threads at all times.

Packing Gland Assembly
Glands and gland flanges have a ball and socket joint which assures alignment and proper packing compression.


Backseat Bushing
Bushings are threaded into bonnets, providing beveled seats for back seating on stem shoulders.

Bronze discs are furnished in Class 125 and 250 globe and angle valves, which are regrindable. Disc nuts thread into disc. The Class 250 nonreturn stop-check valve conforms to ASME boiler codes and utilizes a dashpot and piston design to cushion the disc action.

Yoke Bonnet
One-piece yoke bonnets are fastened to bodies with cap screws.

Seat Rings
Seat rings are bottom seated and are readily renewable.

Handwheels have large diameters for ample leverage.

Yoke Bushing
Accurate Acme threads engage stem threads. Set screws fasten yoke bushings to yoke.

Bodies are designed with uniform sections evenly distributed for maximum strength. Dimensions and drilling of end flanges on flanged valves conform to the ASME Standard B16.1 for Classes 125 and 250 Cast Iron Flanges. Face-to-face dimensions comply with the ASME Standard B16.10.

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