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STOCKHAM Cast Iron Gates Valves

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STOCKHAM Cast Iron Gate Valves-Classes 125 and 250

All stems are designed for ample strength and are machined to function easily. Backseats are provided on OS&Y valves.

Packing Gland Assembly
Glands and gland flanges have a ball and socket joint which assures alignment. It provides for proper packing compression without binding against the stem.


Strong, solid wedge discs have disc guides for precision seating with minimum friction against body seats.

Yoke and Bonnet
One-piece yoke bonnets are utilized on 12″ and smaller size OS&Y valves. Larger sizes have separate yokes and bonnets.

Stuffing Box
NRS valves have stuffing boxes assembled to bonnets to accommodate the packing gland assembly.

Seat Ring
Buttress-type seat rings are bottom-seated with accurately machined faces to match disc faces.

Handwheel or Operating Nut
Handwheels have large diameters for good leverage. Operating nuts, 2″ square may be furnished on any NRS valve if specified.

Yoke Bushing
Yoke bushings on OS&Y valves have Acme threads for stem engagement, and handwheels fit snugly over bushings. Handwheels are securely locked to yoke bushings with locknuts. Bolted yoke cap secures the yoke bushing to yoke.

Body sections are evenly distributed for maximum strength. Dimensions and drilling of end flanges of cast iron valves conform to the ASME Standard B16.1 for Classes 125 and 250 Cast Iron Flanges. Face-to-face dimensions comply with ASME Standard B16.10.

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