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STOCKHAM Cast Iron Check Valves

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Stockham Cast Iron Swing Check Valves-Classes 125 and 250
Caps are bolted to bodies.Hinge
Hinges are precisely drilled for assembly with discs.

Hinge Pin
Pins are located by side plugs screwed into bodies.

Disc faces are accurately machined for tight seal with seat rings.

Seat Ring
Buttress design of renewable seat rings provides bottom seating and good strength.

Dimensions and drilling of end flanges on flanged valves conform to ASME Standard B16.1 for Classes 125 and 250 Cast Iron Flanges. Face-to-face dimensions comply with ASME B16.10.

Figure G-931 L&W
2″-12″ come standard with an adjustable lever arm which can be orientated in any position in 15° increments. These valves can be installed in horizontal lines or in vertical lines with upward flow. 14″- 24″ valves must be specified at the time of inquiry and order with the installation orientation for horizontal or vertical-upward flow.

Stockham iron body valves may be furnished with motor operators, gearings, bypasses, floor stands, extension stems, lever and weight attachment or other accessories.

Numerals indicate the size and pressure class. Cast arrows indicate direction of flow on check, globe and angle valves.

Testing and Inspection
Before shipment, each valve is individually tested under pressure for soundness of castings and tight closure to MSS Standards.

External cast iron parts are coated with a durable black finish.

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