STOCKHAM Bronze Gate Valves

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STOCKHAM Bronze Gate Valves are available for pressure classes 125, 150, 200 and 300, with threaded and solder ends, as well as low lead options.

Strong malleable handwheels dissipate heat rapidly and are accurately fitted to stems.

Aluminum nameplates are used for valve identification.

Copper-silicon bronze stems have excellent corrosion resistance and superior strength.

Bonnets are either threaded, union, or bolted type. Ample packing chamber depth with adequate packing is provided for maximum life.

All wedges are the tapered solid type. Wedge guides assure alignment and minimize friction on seats. Wedges are completely out of the line of flow when valves are open.

Bodies have guides for close and accurate disc travel. Threaded pipe ends conform to the ASME B.1.20.1 Standard. Solder ends conform to the ASME Standard for Solder Joint Fittings B16.18. They are suitable for use with Types K, L, and M copper tubing handling nonflammable materials. End flanges of flanged valves are faced and drilled to meet ASME B16.24, the standard covering Classes 150 and 300 bronze flanges.

Seat Rings
Certain valves are furnished with stainless steel seat rings, swaged into bodies. This provides wear resistance and improves corrosion resistance and longer life.

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