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STOCKHAM Bronze Check Valves

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Stockham Bronze Check Valves are available for pressure classes 125, 150, 200 and 300, with threaded and solder ends, as well as low lead options.

Threaded pipe ends conform to ASME B1.20.1. Most threaded end valves can be bored for silver brazed end connections. Solder ends comply with the ASME Standard for Solder Joint Fittings B16.18 and are suitable for use with Types K, L, and M copper tubing handling
nonflammable materials. End flanges of flanged valves are faced and drilled to meet ASME B16.24.

Caps on threaded end check valves have threaded or union body connections with sturdy wrench grips.

Discs may be nonmetallic (PTFE, Viton® or Buna-N) or metal (bronze). The available materials are noted on each valve page. Disc and disc holders are guided during travel by caps or bodies. The nonmetallic discs are securely fastened in disc holders and are easily

Hinge, Hinge Pin, Side Plug
Swing check hinges are mounted on type 304 hinge pins which are held in place by side plugs.

For identification, each globe and gate valve has a metal identification plate under the handwheel nut showing the Stockham figure number.

Before shipment, each and every valve is individually tested under pressure for soundness of body castings and tight closure.

All valves are shipped in sturdy cardboard containers. This packaging protects the valves during shipment and facilitates storage.

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