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SHARPE VALVES Series V84 Control Valves

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Series V84 Control Valves have double stem packing for live loaded stems. In addition, Sharpe® offers a wide range of seat materials for high temperature, chemical and abrasive applications. A variety of characterized V ported balls are available in 15º, 30º, 60º as well as special configurations upon request. The V84 is available from 1/4″ pipe size up to 4″ and is offered in 316 grade stainless steel, carbon steel as well as several corrosion resistant alloys including Alloy 20, Hastelloy C and Monel.

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Item #SizeABELWeight
CV-V84-1/41/4 in2.54 in1.52 in1.90 in3/8 in -24 UNF1.20 lb
CV-V84-3/83/8 in2.54 in1.52 in1.90 in3/8 in -24 UNF1.20 lb
CV-V84-1/21/2 in2.54 in1.52 in1.90 in3/8 in -24 UNF1.20 lb
CV-V84-3/43/4 in2.78 in1.59 in1.00 in3/8 in -24 UNF1.70 lb
CV-V84-11 in3.68 in2.19 in1.18 in7/16 in -20 UNF3.00 lb
CV-V84-1-1/21-1/2 in4.55 in2.88 in1.38 in9/16 in -18 UNF6.0 lb
CV-V84-22 in5.00 in3.06 in1.38 in9/16 in -18 UNF8.00 lb
CV-V84-33 in6.66 in5.73 in3.38 in0.550 in30.00 lb
CV-V84-44 in8.40 in6.34 in3.38 in0.550 in50.20 lb