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SHARPE VALVES Series FS50 Fire Safe Full Port Flanged Ball Valves – Class 150/300/600

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Item #ClassSizeABCD
FSFPBV-FS50-150-1/21501/2 in4.25 in6.50 in2.60 in1.800 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-3/41503/4 in4.62 in6.50 in2.91 in2.000 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-11501 in5.00 in7.87 in3.45 in2.120 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-1-1/21501-1/2 in6.50 in9.85 in4.20 in2.76 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-21502 in7.0 in10.45 in4.50 in3.080 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-2-1/21502-1/2 in7.50 in13.75 in6.70 in3.090 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-31503 in8 in13.75 in7.00 in3.740 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-41504 in9 in13.75 in7.70 in4.460 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-61506 in15.50 in38.97 in11.22 in7.610 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-81508 in18.00 in38.97 in11.57 in8.340 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-1015010 in21.00 inN/A13.70 in10.470 in
FSFPBV-FS50-150-1215012 in24.00 inN/A13.50 in12.000 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-1/23001/2 in5.5 in6.50 in2.60 in2.440 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-3/43003/4 in6.0 in6.50 in2.92 in2.720 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-13001 in6.50 in7.87 in3.43 in2.920 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-1-1/23001-1/2 in7.50 in9.85 in4.15 in3.260 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-23002 in8.5 in10.50 in4.53 in3.940 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-2-1/23002-1/2 in9.50 in13.75 in6.70 in4.050 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-33003 in11.12 in13.75 in7.00 in5.400 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-43004 in12.00 in13.75 in7.70 in5.930 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-63006 in15.87 in38.97 in11.22 in7.600 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-83008 in19.75 in38.97 in12.71 in9.330 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-1030010 in22.37 inN/A15.28 in11.180 in
FSFPBV-FS50-300-1230012 in25.51 inN/A15.08 in12.800 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-1/26001/2 in6.50 in4.98 in3.75 in3.250 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-3/46003/4 in7.50 in4.98 in3.68 in3.400 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-16001 in8.5 in5.77 in3.80 in4.250 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-1-1/26001-1/2 in9.50 in7.54 in4.63 in4.750 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-26002 in11.5 in7.54 in5.00 in5.470 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-2-1/26002-1/2 inN/AN/AN/AN/A
FSFPBV-FS50-600-36003 in14 in13.75 in7.20 in6.180 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-46004 in17.00 in13.75 in7.96 in8.640 in
FSFPBV-FS50-600-66006 inN/AN/AN/AN/A
FSFPBV-FS50-600-86008 inN/AN/AN/AN/A
FSFPBV-FS50-600-1060010 inN/AN/AN/AN/A
FSFPBV-FS50-600-1260012 inN/AN/AN/AN/A
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