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SHARPE VALVES Series 17 Butterfly Valves

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Item #Minimum Pipe Opening Size Size A B C D
BV-17-21.27 in.2 in.2.08 in.3 in.3.50 in.6.330 in.
BV-17-2-1/21.81 in.2 1/2 in.2.53 in.3.50 in.4.25 in.6.890 in.
BV-17-32.53 in.3 in.3.10 in.4.01 in.4.72 in.7.120 in.
BV-17-43.39 in.4 in.4.09 in.5.31 in.5.90 in.7.870 in.
BV-17-54.35 in.5 in.4.85 in.6.26 in.7.12 in.8.380 in.
BV-17-65.30 in.6 in.6.12 in.7.41 in.8.18 in.8.890 in.
BV-17-87.57 in.8 in.7.97 in.9.37 in.10.23 in.10.230 in.
BV-17-109.51 in.10 in.9.86 in.11.51 in.12.59 in.11.490 in.
BV-17-1211.48 in.12 in.11.87 in.13.54 in.14.76 in.13.260 in.
BV-17-1412.68 in.14 in.13.12 in.14.77 in.15.94 in.14.490 in.
BV-17-1614.92 in.16 in.15.34 in17.30 in.18.50 in.15.750 in.
BV-17-1816.80 in.18 in.17.34 in.19.31 in.20.51 in.16.610 in.
BV-17-2018.61 in.20 in.19.35 in.21.07 in.22.24 in.18.900 in.
BV-17-2422.50 in.24 in.23.32 in.25.74 in.27.28 in.22.120 in.
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