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WARDFLEX II is the next generation of CSST, delivering all the benefits of the original WARDFLEX system with a new conductive coating that disperses the electrical energy induced on the tubing when an arc occurs between the CSST and another metallic system located in the structure.

The WARDFLEX system offers professional contractors an extremely flexible, reliable and effective way to distribute fuel gas in a building, eliminating the multiple service points seen at every turn and connection with black pipe and fittings.

WARDFLEX II offers everything professional contractors have come to expect from WARDFLEX, including:

  • Continuous run coils in a variety of sizes.
  • Full annealing for maximum flexibility, easing installation in increasing routing options.
  • Helium/vacuum testing of every foot of WARDFLEX for leak-free integrity.
  • The StepSave Double-seal Fitting for fast connections and leak-free perfomrance.
  • Improved resistance against damage from inadvertent electrical energization.
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